IA2 Discusses Dementia in Indian Country with Global Brain Health Institute

IA2 Executive Director, Dave Baldridge was joined by long-time colleague Dr. Mario Garrett, professor of gerontology of San Diego State Univ, for an October presentation and discussion on brain health in Indian country to San Francisco State-based Global Brain Health Institute (GBHI) fellows.  Following the well-received presentation, IA2’s team and Dr. Garrett participated in a follow up call with Victor Valcour, M.D., executive director of the GBHI.  Dr. Valcour shared his foundation’s mission and activities, which include providing training and mentorship for multi-national brain health advocates—many of them medical professionals—in vulnerable and underserved indigenous communities around the world.

During the call, both organizations shared their respective commitment to improving brain health for American Indians and Alaska Natives.  Both Dr. Valcour and IA2 committed to immediately seeking further opportunities for collaboration with a focus on identifying opportunities for indigenous focused researchers in the U.S.