Cottonwood Classical Preparatory SchoolTuition Free, 6 - 12 Public School

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Mission Statement

To develop skillful, knowledgeable, compassionate, balanced, and internationally-minded lifelong learners who are inspired to improve themselves and shape a more peaceful world.


To provide a publicly-funded, inclusive, and rigorous education whereby the skills of inquiry, critical thinking, clear communication, independence, responsibility and open-mindedness are fostered through the use of the International Baccalaureate curriculum and utilizing Paideia methodologies.


To develop students and graduate scholars who are prepared to thrive in colleges and universities of the world and to become exemplary leaders in their regional, national, and global communities.


Educational Philosophy


The founders of Cottonwood Classical not only feel that all children can learn but that they should be afforded the kind of high quality education found in private schools at no cost.  At Cottonwood Classical Preparatory School students of all abilities will not only meet and exceed state standards but will also grow as young adults into productive citizens in the working world. Cottonwood Classical Preparatory School will embrace a variety of methods, curricula, and delivery models to meet the diverse educational needs of all students.


Because the Paideia method is a conversation-based program, it allows the curriculum to be both challenging for the gifted student and therapeutic for the at-risk student.  Through Socratic Seminar, students of all abilities and backgrounds will participate in oral discourse, learning over the course of their middle and high school careers essential skills such as reading comprehension, social interaction, teamwork, and critical thinking. The classic texts used will cover ideas and issues of enduring importance allowing students to find for themselves their values and voice.


Strategic Plan


Last year, under the direction of the Governing Council, CCPS created a 5-year Strategic Plan to help provide more specific direction to the organization and to help bring stakeholder groups together focused on common goals.  The Strategic Plan is provided below and is considered a "working" document that will be reviewed and assessed in an ongoing manner.