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Lunch Services

PTO Lunch Program at CCPS 2021-2022


Welcome to a new school year! We are excited to welcome the new families who will be joining us this August, as well as our returning families. During the 2021-22 school year, the National School Lunch program will provide lunches to all students.  Check out the menu for the first semester here. Please contact Carisa Petrie ([email protected]) with questions. 


CCPS is a mid-size charter school, and does not have a cafeteria. In addition to the free lunch program, the CCPS PTO will continue to sponsor a lunch program provided by different vendors, as a way to bring a much needed service to the school community, as well as to be one of the major PTO fundraising efforts. We are proud to announce the 2021-2022 lunch program, providing lunch 4 days a week, Monday through Thursday.


We will have caterer information posted by July 12th, when our first ordering period begins.


- Monday:  Dion’s Pizza & Juice it Up & PTO

- Tuesday:  Chick-Fil-A

- Wednesday:  Panda Express

- Thursday:  Subway, Juice it Up & PTO

- Friday:  No lunch offered


Vegetarian and gluten free options are offered on most days. A link to each vendor showing a detailed menu will be displayed at the bottom of this page as they become available.


Our School-Lunch ordering system is ORGSONLINE.COM. All lunch orders should be placed using the website order form. To place a lunch order, go to OrgsOnline Software Services,


Orders are taken a month at a time. You can order as much or as little as you want, but all orders for the following month will be closed at 9 pm the Friday before the start of a new month, there will be NO LATE ORDERING THIS YEAR.  


Please note that payment will be accepted online using electronic checking or credit card with a small service fee. We will NOT be accepting payment by paper check this year because we do not have an onsite volunteer at the school to pick up the checks on a regular basis. 


There will be no refund of missed lunch due to absences, unless the absence is communicated to the lunch coordinator prior to Friday, the week before the absence. Snow days or other cancelled days will be credited to your orgsonline account within 48 hours. Any lunches not picked up that day by the end of the lunch period will be disposed of.


If you want a sibling to pick up a lunch then you need to send an email to [email protected] by 9:00 am that day, or call the front office and let them know.


NOTE: We have, unfortunately, had occasional issues in the past with non-payment for lunch services. As a result, we have instituted the following policy: if you have an unpaid balance of any amount, YOUR ACCOUNT WILL BE SUSPENDED UNTIL PAYMENT IS RECEIVED BY PTO. This means that you will no longer be able to place further lunch orders until the balance is paid. As a new feature, an order will not get transferred to the lunch distribution list until it is paid. Electronic check or credit card payment is accepted on orgsonline.




For First Time Users only - select the FIRST TIME USER option that appears on the left side of the screen


…. then (when asked) enter our school code which is: 247CCPS


.... next, provide the account setup information requested and submit that information to activate your account.


Each family will have a “Family Account” that shows options such as:




If you already have an account with orgsonline from last year, you can log in using your user name and password. Your account should still be there. Please make sure to update your students’ information, and to add new incoming students as needed.


To submit an order, select PLACE ORDER, then submit a separate order for each student (or staff member) in your family that is ordering a school lunch. After entering a lunch order you will see the REVIEW ORDER page. Review the order then select the SUBMIT ORDER button to confirm the order. After submitting each order, you will see a confirmation page. A copy of each order confirmation will also be sent to you via email. If you should get duplicate email confirmations don’t worry, the system only records one order per student each ordering period. Duplicate orders are not recorded. To see what you ordered, log into your account and select VIEW ORDERS. You will see exactly what the system recorded for each student. You can view your lunch orders at any time.


 As you enter orders, the total amount due for your family is listed under the CURRENT BALANCE. After all lunch orders have been submitted for all members of your family, select the PAY NOW button to submit your online payment (The PAY NOW button will appear below the CURRENT BALANCE amount shown on your account’s main page.)


If you have any questions regarding your payment, select the VIEW PAYMENTS option to see if a payment was recorded to your account. You will see exactly what the system has recorded for your account.


Please remember:

  • You need to place a separate order for each child (or staff member) that is ordering lunch.
  • The first time you visit the school lunch website, login as a FIRST TIME USER to activate your account.
  • You will use the school code shown above to activate your account.
  • Follow the on-screen prompts to setup your family account.
  • If you encounter a login problem use the GET HELP button to request assistance.
  • The submitted information will be recorded and used next time you return to the school-lunch program.
  • You will need to login each month to place an order. Once you login you will see your family account.

For students belonging to two different households, each parent should register separately to create a family account, following the steps above. Orders can be placed by both households for the same student, but linked to two separate payment accounts. Please be sure to communicate with each other about who will be placing orders for any particular day/week to avoid duplicate orders.


For future reference: If you happen to forget your password at some time in the future -- relax! Select the RETRIEVE MY PASSWORD option on the login page. An automated attendant will send your password to the email address listed in your account. If you do not receive that email then select the GET HELP option on the login page to submit a Trouble Report. Those are personally answered by the system’s technical support staff.


You MUST process each order through until you see the Order Confirmation page. Do not stop until you see an Order Confirmation for the order being submitted. The system does not recognize an order until you see the Confirmation Page.


We cannot process your order if it has not been fully submitted & confirmed.


If you have more than one student, enter each student’s order separately. Each student’s order amount is added to the Current Balance as orders are submitted. This way you only need to authorize payment once to pay for all orders. One last note, if you attempt to order after the cut-off date, the system will not accept your order.


Thank you for supporting the PTO Lunch Program! This is the main fundraiser run by the PTO and all proceeds will benefit the education of your children, providing much needed classroom materials and resources.


Links to our Vendor’s Menus: