What We Do

IA2 works to identify and implement the most effective solutions to the most significant issues facing American Indians, Alaska Natives and indigenous people around the globe.

We help people and programs figure out how to competently and effectively access and serve Native American elders.  We work to advance both knowledge and practice, and promote engagement at all levels – national, regional, and local. We acknowledge the history, rights, cultures, and value of indigenous people throughout their lifespans.

Responding to the needs of those we serve, we generate research, convene stakeholders to identify novel approaches to cross-cutting issues and work to bridge the gap between policy, research and practice.

IA2 works collaboratively, drawing upon our network of people from all sectors and multiple professions, including researchers, academicians, media experts, and outreach and intervention specialists from around the country. We bring to bear their experience and expertise in our work to improve the lives of indigenous people.

We have successfully implemented projects that tapped into our staff and network of partners’ abilities to accomplish the following types of activities:

  • analysis
  • subject matter expertise
  • evaluation
  • surveying
  • strategic planning
  • training
  • technical & popular writing
  • public policy design and implementation
  • research and environmental scans
  • coalition building
  • public affairs
  • program management