Digital Storytelling: Diabetes

Executive Director, Dave Baldridge serves as co-investigator for a digital storytelling project with the American Indian Diabetes Prevention Center (AIDPC) at Oklahoma University Health Science Center. The project is funded with support from the National Center On Minority Health And Health Disparities.

The purpose of the project is to create a series of digital stories featuring real families battling diabetes. The digital stories will be utilized in the Choctaw Nation pediatric clinics and featured prominently on the AIDPC website.

Baldridge worked with families to create digital stories featuring pictures, audio-voice-over, and personalized accounts of familial diabetes experience in which problems have been solved, highlighting the medical and emotional issues surrounding diabetes. One of the videos proudly features his own daughter, Kristen Baldridge.

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Click the title on the list below to view the five (5) digital stories created through this grant project or view them all at:

    1. Alyssa’s Journey
    2. Kristen Baldridge Whitecloud – Count on Your Future
    3. Jeremiah Weeden – It’s Our Song to Sing
    4. Vallene Vallo – Don’t Worry Be Happy
    5. Gen Paytiamo – You’ve Got A Friend