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Study Abroad

If you are interested in studying abroad during high school there are organizations to help make this happen. Start early on the applications and ask yourself:

  • Do I enjoy travel, learning new languages, hand-on learning, making new friends, new ideas & challenges?
  • What are the total costs of the program/ travel/accommodations? What can I afford?
  • What type of health insurance will I need based on the location of the schools I’m considering?
  • What vaccinations will be required and when based on the location of the schools I’m considering?
  • What are the particular safety issues for based on the location of the schools I’m considering?
  • How will I stay in touch with family and friends? International phone services, Facetime, Facebook?
  • Can I handle the culture shock of going to a foreign country and returning home?

Explore these resources:

  • IIE Passport enables students to either search for a study abroad program, or go to the study abroad student center for a variety of helpful articles, a study abroad student guide, and many other resources that can help you decide what destination might be right for you. 
  • International Student provides information on study centers for international students planning to Study in the USA, Study in the UK, Study in Australia and a Study Abroad center is for US Students who are looking for a semester or longer outside the USA. Also includes links to information on cheap airfare deals and cell phone SIM Cards.
  • Study Overseas provides free university and college advice for students worldwide who are considering studying abroad for an international education, and includes links to study in specific countries and specific programs including Art and Design.
  • International Student Resources: NACAC resources and information for foreign students wanting to pursue degree programs in the U.S.
  • Centers for Disease Control (CDC) provides information about global destinations and required vaccinations.
  • U.S. State Department provides information on passports and international travel, with tips for traveling and living abroad.
  • RYE (Rotary Youth Exchange) is a US State Department approved and reviewed Foreign Exchange Program. We have sent two Cottonwood students in recent years (one currently in Denmark and another in Brazil) and would love to send more. We can take students who are less than 18 and ½ years of age upon arrival in their host country (plan for August of 2018). If students will turn 18 prior to arrival we have a limited selection of countries. This is an approximately 11 month long youth exchange with one of 13 countries our district exchanges with. Our countries include: Austria – Australia – Brazil – Belgium – Chile – Denmark – Finland – France – Germany – Netherlands – Sweden – Switzerland – Taiwan (and possibly Peru based on special request). The family is primarily responsible for about $5500 in total expenses (airfare, a couple weekends at Rotary events before leaving, and parents allowance for student while abroad). For more information on the local chapter of RYE, visit us at Please contact Grant or Anne Black with specific questions via email or by phone (505) 450-2742.
  • International Exchange Student's goal is to bring the experience of studying abroad to as many American students as possible. Our high school exchange programs offer flexible options, affordable pricing, and scholarship and fundraising opportunities. They provide programs during the school year, summer, and after graduation that will have a profound effect on your future academic, career, and life pursuits. They are always looking for good host families. The next best thing to being an exchange student is hosting an exchange student. If this might interest you, please reach out to us.