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COVID-19 Resources

Reentry Plan & Readiness Guidance - LINK  (Most recently updated December 2020)

Return to School Handbook - LINK  (Most recently updated July 29, 2021)

Enhanced COVID Safety Practices (CSP) - LINK (Most recently updated September 27, 2021)


These two documents will be updated on a perpetual basis, as guidance and requirements change from PED, NM DOH, and/or the federal government.  If you would like to provide CCPS leadership with any feedback regarding reopening or its ESSER III spending application, click HERE.

In order to more clearly report out our confirmed COVID-19 cases and quarantines, we have created this page as our status updates center. We understand that these unprecedented times can cause concern, and information can often calm concerns and ease fears. In light of that, this page provides you with details on how many cases of COVID-19 have been confirmed in students and staff within Cottonwood, and the resulting quarantines, if any. 

We have both COVID Safety Practices and a Rapid Response Team in place and our team work directly with the New Mexico Department of Health, New Mexico Environment Department, and the New Mexico Public Education Department should any cases of COVID-19 be confirmed. We take direction from the state to ensure proper disinfection procedures are followed, appropriate students or staff are notified/quarantined and thorough contract tracing is completed.

Current Number of Positive Cases


Positive cases per two week period, starting date May 23rd - June 5th.


In-person students or staff infectious while on campus

12 in-person students

0 in-person staff

Students or staff not infectious while on campus

0 staff member

Total Positive Cases (students/staff) on and off campus this school year 2021-2022

111 positive cases in total

14 Day Rolling COVID Positive (in-person) Number



FAQ About Confirmed Cases & Quarantine

1) What happens when you have a confirmed COVID-19 case at Cottonwood Classical Preparatory School(CCPS)?

ANSWER: For all cases, once a positive test is confirmed, the NM Department of Health and NM Public Education Department are contacted, contact tracing is conducted, and all affected students’ parents and staff members are notified by the school district.  Those deemed "Close Contacts" will receive an email, phone call, or text alert  directly from CCPS with quarantine or testing instructions. In addition to notifications, upon confirmation of a positive COVID-19 case, our janitorial staff works to complete appropriate disinfection and follow all disinfection protocols/procedures. 

2) How is CCPS defining a "Close Contact" when a positive COVID-19 case is identified?

ANSWER: CCPS is required to use the NM Public Education Department (NMPED) definition of a  Close Contact: Someone who over a 24-hour period, has a cumulative exposure of fifteen minutes or longer within six feet of a confirmed COVID-19 case with or without a face covering.

  • Exception: In the pre-K – 12 setting (including transportation), the close contact definition excludes students who were within 3 to 6 feet of an infected student (laboratory-confirmed or a clinically compatible illness) where:

 » both students were engaged in consistent and correct use of well-fitting face masks; and

 » other K–12 school prevention strategies (such as universal and correct mask use, physical distancing, increased ventilation) were in place in the K–12 school setting. 

This exception does not apply to teachers, staff, or other adults in the pre-K – 12 setting.

3) If a case of COVID-19 is confirmed at CCPS, will there always be a closure of the facility?

ANSWER: No. The NM Department of Health and/or the NM Public Education Department, along with our Rapid Response Team, will conduct contact tracing to determine if a full school, wing of a school, classroom or specific area of a school must be closed for disinfection. This will vary based on the locations accessed by the person with the confirmed COVID-19 case and their movements. 

4) Will all students and staff automatically be placed on a 5-Day quarantine if they were in the area where a confirmed COVID-19 patient was located?

ANSWER: No. CCPS will conduct contact tracing to determine who, if anyone, was in close contact with the confirmed COVID-19 positive individual and who must go on a 5-day quarantine. If a student or staff member is fully vaccinated they do not need to quarantine when exposed to a confirmed positive individual. Those individuals who are considered a close contact will be notified of the requirements.

5) Is a quarantine mandatory and does it mean my child or a staff member will become ill?

ANSWER: Quarantine orders from the NM Department of Health or NM Public Education Department are mandatory and students and staff placed on one are not permitted to return to school in-person until the quarantine has been completed and all requirements are met. A precautionary quarantine does not mean that an employee or student is sick or will become sick, but is a mandated practice to best ensure the safety of the student or employee, as well as those teaching and learning around them.

6)  How is a quarantine end date typically calculated?

ANSWER: Quarantine start and end dates are determined by the NM Department of Health. They are typically calculated based on the last date of contact with the confirmed COVID-19 positive individual for 5 days following their last exposure. However, this can vary based on many factors. When CCPS notifies close contacts to inform them about a mandatory quarantine, we will provide a quarantine end date and a return to in-person learning date. The return to in-person learning date may be different from the quarantine end date based on the child's school schedule.

7) What happens after I receive a notification that my child is quarantined?

ANSWER: If you receive a close contact notification instructing you to quarantine your child, you must adhere to that quarantine. Your child may be able to continue learning on a remote platform if the quarantine will be longer than three consecutive days. If at any time your child or a household member begins to show COVID-19 symptoms during the quarantine period, please contact the school immediately.

8) Is my child required to get a COVID-19 test if they are deemed a "Close Contact" with someone in their class or on their school bus?

ANSWER: No. Students are not required to be tested, however NMDOH & NMPED strongly encourages testing 5 days after exposure to a confirmed positive COVID-19 individual.

9) Do my household members need to quarantine if my child is deemed a Close Contact and is on a 5-day quarantine?

ANSWER: No. Your child's household members, including siblings, do not need to quarantine if your child is deemed a "Close Contact." However, should your child or anyone in your household begin to show COVID-19 symptoms, then the entire home should quarantine and you should reach out to your child's school for instructions. You may also call NMDOH at 1-855-600-3453.

10) When do I Covid test my student?

ANSWER: Both vaccinated and unvaccinated students and staff with new onset of COVID-19 symptoms (headache, congestion, runny nose, fever) should stay home or will be sent home to self-isolate. If the student or staff member provides proof of a negative PCR test result or they have conducted a COVID antigen home test at 24 and 48 hours, they may return to school before the full 5 days of quarantine are completed. If they decide not to test, they must isolate for the full 5 days

11) Where can I go to get my student Covid tested?

ANSWER: There are many locations throughout the city.  Students can be tested through a PCR test or an at home antigen test if the CCPS Over the Counter Covid Test Assurance Form has been filled out. Please provide a copy of the results to the health office. Here are some links for options for Covid testing:


12) Is there an option for my unvaccinated student to stay on campus when they've been a close contact instead of doing remote learning?

ANSWER: Yes, you have the option to participate in the Test to Stay program or you can complete the antigen home test at 24 and 48 hours. Please be sure to fill out the CCPS Over the Counter Covid Test Assurance Form if you chose the later option. If you chose Test to Stay your students would be tested multiple times in a week to remain in on campus learning. If you do not choose to participate in this option, your student will be required to quarantine for five days.


Test to Stay Consent Form